Summer is delicious!

Summer is delicious!

At my house, summer means delicious fruity treats!

My favorite summer treat (well, besides ice cream) is strawberry shortcake. It is so refreshing and satisfying and sweet!

What cold treats do you like to eat on hot summer days? At playschool, we do a lot of cooking and baking. Maybe one of your favorite foods can be one of the recipes we make together! Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite summer foods. I’m going to go eat my strawberry shortcake!

Donovan’s new painting style!

Donovan's new painting style!

Hey Occupy Playschoolers!

Many of you know the cool dude in this picture, but for those of you who don’t–this is my son, Donovan! Donovan is 4 years old and loves painting, baseball, and drumming. All of you will get a chance to meet him as the year goes on.

Today Donovan wanted to paint, so I set up his easel and gave him some paints and brushes. Does anyone notice something interesting about the technique he is using to paint? (A technique is the special way someone does something). What colors is he using? What is happening to the colors as they mix?

We’ll be doing a lot of painting this year in playschool. Leave a comment and tell me (and Donovan!) some of your favorite ways to paint.

Sometimes the best part of painting is getting messy, right? That’s something else we do a lot at Occupy Playschool!