Summer is delicious!

At my house, summer means delicious fruity treats!

My favorite summer treat (well, besides ice cream) is strawberry shortcake. It is so refreshing and satisfying and sweet!

What cold treats do you like to eat on hot summer days? At playschool, we do a lot of cooking and baking. Maybe one of your favorite foods can be one of the recipes we make together! Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite summer foods. I’m going to go eat my strawberry shortcake!

Summer is delicious!

4 thoughts on “Summer is delicious!

    • Cookie! Yum! I would love to try Vanilla-Raspberry swirl with chunks of chocolate chip cookies in it! What could we call it?

  1. Ok, so Dahlia’s Grammy brought fresh just picked black cherry tomatoes to our house to visit. I halved them and added a handful of chopped parsley and garlic scapes. Then drizzled them with a classic balsamic olive oil vinaigrette with a touch of salt and pepper. This was my favorite surprise yummy this summer… and bittersweet now that summer is nearly gone!

    • That sounds SO. AMAZINGLY. DELICIOUS. Could you make me some? I love a dinner of slice tomatoes and some really good mozzarella drizzled with oil and vinegar in the summer…anything that doesn’t require a hot stove!

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