What music do you like to listen to?



At Occupy Playschool, we kind of like music. Ok, we LOVE it! We listen to and sing all kinds of different songs and rhythms, and we like to make up our own music as well! On Tuesday at our play date at Mila’s house, we made music together with many different instruments! We used a harmonica, kazoo, egg shaker, drum, castanets, and a xylophone. What are some other instruments we could have used?

The picture you see is of Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell, two local musicians that sing and play beautiful music for kids AND grownups. We went to see them last year, and Mila even got to talk to Elizabeth before the show! We’ll listen to lots of different kinds of music this year in class–who are some singers and bands you’d like to hear?

I love (mostly) all music, from Dolly Parton to Jay-Z to Jens Lekman to 90s club hits. Whatever makes you want to sing or get up and dance is what it’s all about. So go ahead and make up some moves! Song and dance are ways we express our feelings with movement and rhythm. What’s your favorite dance move?

I can’t wait to dance with all of you tomorrow at our second play date!

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